Self-determination VS Imperialism

21st Century democratic politics will be different, because humanity became less selfish. Democratic imperialism has been exposed. What is meant with democratic imperialism? It is easily comprehended with reference to examples. Majorities, which form, against self-determination of all, is imperialist. In Spain, for example, the democratic majority on the right, does not want to allow multiculturalist self-determination in Catalonia. It is a similar kind of imperialism, which caused the 2nd World War, when imperialist “Unity”, in Germany, was prioritised above self-determination of all groups of all folks. In South Africa, for example, the democratic majority on the left, does not want to allow uniculturalist self-determination to minorities. It is the reverse of what is happening in Spain, due to multiculturalist imperialism. In Spain it is uniculturalist imperialism.

The challenge for 21st Century democracy is to replace the opposition between left and right with a new recognition. The primary choice for voters is between imperialism and self-determination for all. Many who claim they promote self-determination, actually promote imperialism, because they selfishly promote only their own group’s self-determination. In South Africa the imperialists on the right, who claim they promote self-determination, would, if they were part of the Spanish majority on the right, have opposed multiculturalist self-determination in Catalonia. They are, in the sense of Divided Party’s view on self-determination not really promoting self-determination. They can be categorized on the side of imperialism. The imperialist socialism on the left, does not have to be explained, because the multiculturalist democratic majority, clearly hinders self-determination of uniculturalist minorities, including imperialist minorities’ “self-determination”. It causes a dangerous situation to all South Africans, which can be averted with rational politics in Divided Party.

The current big parties in South Africa are all imperialist parties, because they seek imperialist “Unity”. They want to control the whole South Africa in a multiculturalist “Unity”. There is irrationality involved, because pre-1994 history showed one group cannot consider all other groups’ self-determination sufficiently, even though the Apartheid government, tried explicitly to do it. The post-1994 government also failed. They do not even show intention, to promote self-determination of all other groups, which make the situation worse. Their imperialism, forcing down policies, into the houses of all, is clearly visible, with policies, e.g. about how to raise children. It is the legal system, which forces policies about how to raise children down on households. Therefore some could argue it is not a political party, doing it. The one legal system is kept in place by the imperialist democracy. In a democracy, which prioritises self-determination of all, as opposed to imperialist democracy, different legal systems will exist and each region/canton will decide self or not, about how children should be raised.

I hope this article explains more, how Divided Party policy, will improve conditions in South Africa. The logic of self-determination of all, as opposed to imperialism, has not been comprehended by most, but the logic will certainly change politics as we know it. Switzerland made the choice against imperialism, in favor of self-determination, for multiculturalism and uniculturalism, 100s of years ago. South Africa can build on the Swiss example.

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