Leadership VS Idolatry

Why do i call the article “Leadership Vs Idolatry”? It is the crux of what true Leadership is. Leaders do not have an idol. They respect good leaders before them. That is partly why leaders are each accused of thinking he or she is “The Son of God”, “The Father”, “God himself” or “The Mother of God”. The best known examples of leaders, who it happened with, are Jesus Christ and Buddha. It happens often these days. It also happened with me when a professor, who thinks academic freedom means playing golf in the afternoons, made the idolatrous accusation. Comparing myself in that sense to Jesus of Nazareth, does not mean at all, i think i am a “god” or “God himself”, or “The Son of God”. It means i think, Jesus was not a “god”, “God himself” or “The Son of God”, although i respect him. A son of God, is acceptable, but not “The”, in the sense of “The One and Only”. That is one thing, idolaters do not comprehend, because of their deceiving minds. Buddha opposed idolatry and eventually an idol was made of him. Jesus also opposed idolatry and an idol was made of him. Removing the presupposed idolatrous idea of a “god” or “Messiah” or “Christ”, in the singular sense, from thought, will change everything for good. The truth of the idea “Christ”, is, in an international group of living honest loving people, working automatically together with Logos, against idolatry and corruption by the-antichrists. The corrupt promote the idea of a singular “Christ”, because the promotion isolates the-honest and therefore opposition against corruption. To end the idolatry, does not mean a returned “Messiah” or “Christ”, must be identified. That is what happened in the past, several times, and it continued the idolatry, because every time it happens, the identification motivates the posibility of another “One”, identified in the future. Idolatry must be rejected by all, via the acceptance of good morals by all, falsely promoted by idolatry, as godly or metaphysical only.

Recently someone made it clear to me, when he thinks of a leader, he wants someone with a big name. He does not care about the ideas of his leader. Actually, The person, as misleader, not his ideas, was most important. In a world where Mammon is respected most, and corruption causes centralisation of wealth, it means basically, corrupt misleaders are put in leadership positions, by democratic imperialistic majorities.

The most important thing of leadership is ideas. Socrates stated it clearly when he said “gods and goddesses” have good ideas. Good ideas, which solve problems and structure a good future, is what should convince people to vote for a political party. Divided Party (DiP) has those good ideas, to start with. Further, new ideas can be formed in Divided Party, because the foundation is right. Intequinism, the foundation, promotes respect for the ideas Truth and Love above all, against idolatry and imperialism. That implies, DiP promotes self-determination for all. Self-determination is not only promoted for self, with selfish interests, against others of the nation. No, self-determination is promoted for all, because that is what the idea Love requires. Love means first of all, not-doing evil to all others, like selves do not want to be done evil to. Universal love is not a doing. When self-determination is only promoted for self, it implies the idea Love is interpreted to mean, love thy close neighbors only after doing evil to far away neighbors. That doing-type of love can only be part of Love, after universal Love to all was applied. That makes, having real Love, very difficult. It is a creative process to Love. All people benefit from it. Universal Love is not, stealing already created things, in a zero sum “game”, for a lover.

Many people, especially younger ones, when they give something, want something immediately in return. I learned that about 25 years ago when i was corrected by another. Most transactions with money work like that. A product or service is delivered and payment happens at the same time. Political service is a longer term transaction. The current democratic imperialism is controlled by imperialists who bribe politicians, indirectly, with business interests. Politicians should not be controlled by corrupt business people. A problem is, most politicians, who are successful business people, do not realise they were bribed, with maximum-profit-per-individual and pitying, feeling good, to keep the current imperialist system in place.

Real political leaders are independent. They are not slaves of wealth. 

Divided Party has a funding system whereby tax deductible DiP tokens are exchanged in return for funding. It should help convince ordinary people, who realise, imperialism works against them, to buy DiP brand tokens. Previously, donations to political parties caused nothing in return, except favors to the bribers. How are the favors given. It has to do with fallacious “Unity”. First of all, “Unity” is expanded, whilst self-determination of most are hindered, with imperialism. How does fallacious “Unity” benefit imperialists? It increases the territory in which they can sell products and source products from, to trade with. In a large territory, only one licence, e.g. is needed to sell cell phone technology. It is easier to negotiate with just one government to get mining rights. It is easier to buy good, imparted ideas, from only one “intelligence” agency. The problem is, imperialism is not a creative system. It is primarily a trading system, moving products from one territory to another, with utilitarianism, the foundation. Imperialism is based on despotism, against self-determination of others. Imperialism is greed of maximum-profit-per-individual, as taught currently in most education institutions.

Socialism is a problem, working hand in hand with imperialism. The Labour Theory of Capital, arguing; labour frees, is used to discredit leaders with good ideas. “They are lazy and do not want to work” is the argument imperialists use against good leaders. That implies, imperialism is part of communism/socialism. Most people voting for imperialist fallacious “Unity” are socialists/communists. How often is it heard how they argue, everything depends on labour, showing no regard for Intequity (capital of ideas), with Intequinism, a source of it. Therefore a paradigm shift is required. There is still time for it to happen gradually, if voters start to support Divided Party soon enough.

Imperialism means a legal system, based on utilitarianism. How does utilitarianism influence legal systems? Utilitarianism divides society between “humans” with the “human right”, for imparting of ideas, from “creators” (“creatures”), who are “forced to be free” according to Jean-Jeacques Rousseau’s utilitarianism. It is a disgusting system whereby groups sacrifice individuals of their own group, in favor of “The-group”, because of Caiaphas Syndrome, causing corruption and idolatry. It is a system whereby society is controlled by despotism and misled into a materialistic view of the world, where corrupt groups isolate honest individuals. Because of the isolation, the system continues. Honest people do not group together, therefore they are weak. Honest people must overcome indoctrination that the-honest are sacrificed, because indoctrination is partly how the-honest are being isolated. The indoctrination starts at a young age and if it is not for parents, showing their children what the ideas Truth and Love really are, people become slaves of the imperialist system and of cosmological misleaders, posing as leaders, who got lost in their own lies and luxurious circumstances.

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